American Pimp

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American Pimp is a 1999 documetary film that features a series of interviews with real-life pimps. The film attempts to dispel the myths about the pimping profession and enlighten viewers about what it's really like to be a pimp in the U.S. A number of pimps--mostly African American--from all parts of the nation, relay stories of how they entered the pimping industry, the pitfalls of pimping, and how pimps are able to keep a steady stable of women to support their oppulent lifestyle. The film uses 70s R&B music and blaxploitation movie clips to set the flow. The featured pimps have a wide range of personalities--some are cruel, and obviously use violence to control women, while others are more practical, and feel that they can merely use the gift of gab to get what they want.

Ken Redd, a fast-talking, Washington D.C. pimp proudly displays his exuberance for the pimp game. His sharp clothes, nice car, and fancy house comes at the expense of women he claims not to let off even for Mother's Day. Other pimps include Rose Budd, a highly intelligent, former pimp who has long since left the game for a legitimate job. Fillmore Slim, another former pimp, claims to have had at least 9,000 women working for him over the years. Bishop Magic Don Juan, a notorious Chicago pimp, abruptly ceased his long, lucrative pimping career after a vision from God. He is now a spiritual advisor.

Las Vegas brothel owner Dennis Hof offers his opinion on the legal side of pimping. Hof's scorn for illegal pimps is apparent, as he chastises some regarding their need to use violence and drugs to control women. Most of the featured pimps have moved on to other professions. As the movie ends, the remaining pimps reflect on how escort services and legal brothels will eventually drive them out of the game.

| 1999 | 1 hr 27 min | 6.7/10 | 59/100
John S. Dickson, Antonio Fargas, Heidi Fleiss, L. Hammond
Albert Hughes,Allen Hughes
Produced By
Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes, Kevin J. Messick
American Pimp
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Also directed by Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes