Amityville Dollhouse

"Home is where the Horror is..."
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Where is a demonic spirit to go once it is banished from a family's home? Into the toys of children, of course! A replica of the original Amityville, Long Island home is given to an unsuspecting young girl as and addition to her doll collection. The replica is beautiful, but its a convenient way for the Amityville demons to launch a new brand of terror on another family. The dollhouse has all of the original horror features including a vintage lamp and clock. The terror released through the playful musings of one little girl, is far beyond what the original Amityville family experienced.

| 1997 | 1 hr 33 min | 4.2/10
Robin Thomas, Starr Andreeff, Allen Cutler, Rachel Duncan
Steve White
Produced By
David Newlon,, Zane W. Levitt,, Steve White,, Mark Yellen
Amityville Dollhouse
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Also starring Starr Andreeff