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"Terror Has a Reflection All its Own."

Amityville: A New Generation is a horror movie. This is the story of a mirror from a badly haunted house. Amityville had a house so haunted the residents could not stay. Eventually some relics and furniture from this haunted house made their way into the world at large. One of these items is a mirror. When a photographer is given the mirror he unknowingly passes the horror on to a friend. People have looked into this mirror and committed suicide because of what they've seen.

Sometimes items are given with the best intentions. Intentions can still pave the way to a very dark place.

| 1993 | 1 hr 30 min | 3.7/10
Ross Partridge, Julia Nickson, Lala Sloatman, David Naughton
Republic Pictures Home Video
John Murlowski
Amityville: A New Generation

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Amityville 7: A New Generation Trailer 1993|1:10
AMITYVILLE: A NEW GENERATION (1993) | Official Trailer | 4K|2:05

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