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"Based on the true story of William Bonin, California's most notorious serial murderer."
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A 2010 horror film that follows a brutal murders being done on the freeway. The film is based on true events from the life of known serial killer William Bonin, one of three notorious killers who sealed victims' fate by killing them in California freeways in the 1970s and 1980s. The film is made into a series of flashbacks as William Bonin tells the story of his murders to one of his victim's mothers, Ruth Slobo.

The series of flashbacks begins with Bonin winning over two hitchhikers at the freeway and convincing them to let him give them a ride in his van to their destination. Minutes after they gave him their trust, he kills one of the men. During this murder, it comes to our knowledge that Bonin is not working alone; his accomplice is Vernon Butts. Later, Bonin talks a teenage boy named Kyle who works at a local shop. At first, Bonin plans to kill Kyle by befriending him and in return having access to whatever he wants.

William Bonin introduces Kyle to his partner Butts and shows him all their handiwork of the victims they have killed. Bonin was inspired by Kyle and makes him his apprentice, that way Kyle can give into his savagely violent impulses and into committing his first murder. Although this gives Bonin some pleasure, he requires more satisfaction and murders more young men, taking Kyle along for the ride.

Later, Bonin visits his absent mother who has been recently divorced Bonin's father and is trying to put herself back together. That night a jealous Butts tells Kyle about Bonin's homosexual tendency, and says that Bonin has a mental sickness about believing he has all the power in the world. When Bonin finds out about this, he gets enraged and Butts harms himself, which makes Bonin and him reunite together. After Kyle witnesses this experience, he distances himself from them for his safety. He also ignores Bonin multiple times when he tries to contact him.

The next day, Bonin continues his hunt, which means killing two more victims and looking for more recruits to join his killing spree. His new recruit, William Pugh lies to him about his real name, flees when he actually sees Bonin killing someone. Bonin stops to get a newspaper, to follow the news of the Freeway Killer, at a shop and sees an older man who he thinks is a police officer. By this time, a mysterious unmarked car has been following him twice and he is getting uneasy.

Trying to save his skin, Bonin goes to see Kyle in person and tries to pressure him into killing one last person, however, Kyle refuses and departs with his girlfriend. Since Bonin is getting unorganized, his work becomes sloppy. He picks up a hitchhiker and has a nervous breakdown trying to kill him, but he succeeds. Shortly after that, the police arrive and arrest Bonin, and it comes clear to Bonin that his stalker is the older man he saw the day he went to get a newspaper. Officers arrest Kyle, and Bonin admits that he committed most of the murders and that Butts helped him. Butts is arrested and hangs himself in jail.

It has been determined that Bonin's purpose for killing is that he was neglected and molested by family members. Although Kyle is the actual murderer of Ruth's son, Bonin makes up a story to protect Kyle. Later, Bonin is executed and Ruth is seen there carrying a picture of her lost son.

Freeway Killer is an Horror, Thriller, Drama, Crime movie that was released in 2010 and has a run time of 1 hr 25 min. It has received poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.4.

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| 2010 | 1 hr 25 min | 5.4/10
Scott Anthony Leet, Cole Williams, Dusty Sorg, Michael Rooker
John Murlowski