And the Oscar Goes To...

"The Ultimate Insiders Look Into The Academy Awards"
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This motion picture is a documentary on the history of the Academy Awards. It covers how the tradition of giving out these awards got started in 1927, and the very first Academy Awards presentation in 1929 in Hollywood. Angelica Huston narrates the film, with personal comments by Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and a dozen other movie stars. The movie covers the awards that were given out for the silent films, the first talkie, and various awards that were added through the years for technical achievements that did not exist when the awards started. For movie fans this is an event.

| 2014 | 1 hr 35 min | 7.1/10
Anjelica Huston, Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, Cher
Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
And the Oscar Goes To...
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