Angels' Wild Women

"Hot, Hard and Mean...Too Tough for Any Man! They'll Beat 'em, Treat 'em, and Eat 'em Alive!"
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Angels' Wild Women, originally titled Screaming Eagles, is an action biker film that was written and directed by Al Adamson. Produced by Dan Q. Kennis and Samuel M. Sherman, the film features Ross Hagen, Kent Taylor, Preston Pierce, Regina Carrol and William Bonner. The story follows a couple of degenerates (played by Al Adamson and Gary Kent) who are chasing an African American girl (played by Maggie Bembry), a hip swinger who is quite sexy. Running through the fields, Regina is wearing hot pants and desperately trying to get away. However, the thugs catch her and she is assaulted.

To avenge her attack, a gang of women called the Angels, led by the very blonde Margo (played by Regina Carrol) go on the hunt for the perpetrators. The girls are able find out that the men they seek are going to meet with another gang. They don't want the women to come along, so the girls ride off on their own bikes.

There is also a cult of freaks that are led by King (played by William Bonner) who makes a lot of trouble for the bikers and also has full control of the ranch's owner (played by Kent Taylor).

Ross Hagen plays a very grimy hero and Vicki Volante is a drug addicted hippie. Albert Cole plays Weasel and John Bloom is Big Foot, two other bikers. The group manage to get in a number of scrapes and mishaps due to their own ineptness. Still, they are all tough in their own right.

After a time, the women finally find themselves up at a creepy farmhouse (Spahn Ranch) that has been deserted. Once there, after settling in with a wild party, they manage to seduce and assault a farm boy who doesn't know what hit him. The rest of the film features footage of the Angels getting into many bar fights, drinking very heavily and brawling to gain control.

| 1972 | 1 hr 25 min | 3.1/10
Ross Hagen, Kent Taylor, Preston Pierce, Regina Carrol
Al Adamson
Produced By
Dan Q. Kennis, Samuel M. Sherman
Angels' Wild Women
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