Five Bloody Graves

"Lust-Mad Men and Lawless Women in a Vicious and Sensuous Orgy of Slaughter!"
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Five Bloody Graves is a 1970 action western about a man who seeks revenge against the violent Indian chief who murdered his bride. The film was written by Robert Dix and directed by Al Adamson. For several years, former lawman Ben Thompson has been searching in vain for the group of Indians who killed his bride on their wedding day. Santago (John Cardos) is the leader of the marauding Yaqui Indians, who have left a long trail of blood and bodies. Santago's cruelty knows no bounds and his vendetta against white settlers is carried out in the most brutal fashion. Some of his unfortunate victims include an Indian girl named Little Fawn (Maria Polo), whom he strips naked, ties to stakes and leaves in the desert for vultures, and Ben's ex-girlfriend Nora Miller (Vicki Volante), who along with her husband Dave (Ken Osborne) are scalped alive.

While searching, Thompson pairs up with Santago's half-brother and mortal enemy Joe Lightfoot (played by Cardos) to help in the search. The duo happens upon a wrecked stagecoach that has been ambushed by Santago in Indian Territory. The survivors Jim Wade (Scott Brady), his wife Lavinia (Julie Edwards), Kansas Kelly (Paula Raymond), preacher (John Carradine), and Althea (Darlene Lucht) are forced to rely on Ben and Joe for protection. A group of gunrunners who unfortunately armed Santago are stuck along with them. The psycho gunrunner Clay Bates (Jim Davis) and his mentally challenged friend Horace Wiggins (Ray Young) have to be kept in check while Ben and Joe attempt to keep the women safe. Clay also rapes and murders Little Fawn, after he and his cohort stumble across her bound body in the desert.

Several of the stagecoach riders meet violent deaths while battling Santago and his men. Ben and Santago finally meet in a violent showdown. Ben is finally able to exact his revenge against Santago and save the remaining survivors.

| 1969 | 1 hr 28 min | 1.9/10
Robert Dix, Scott Brady, Jim Davis, John Carradine
Al Adamson
Produced By
Al Adamson, John
Five Bloody Graves
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Also starring Robert Dix