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  • 1957
  • 1 hr 12 min
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The Storm Rider is a Western film that was released in 1957, directed by Edward Bernds and starring Scott Brady, Mala Powers, and Bill Williams. The movie takes place during the 1800s and focuses on the life of a young man named Jim Dancer, played by Scott Brady, who is determined to seek revenge against the man who killed his father.

Jim Dancer is a skilled marksman and horseman who is known for his rebellious nature. He has a troubled past, having lost his father to a band of outlaws led by a ruthless man named Drake, played by Bill Williams. Jim's mother is still alive, but she is unable to help her son in any way. Jim's only motivation is to seek revenge against Drake and his men, but he knows that it will not be an easy task.

The movie opens with Jim leaving his home and heading towards the town of Granite City. Along the way, he meets a woman named Polly, played by Mala Powers, who is traveling with a group of settlers to a new land. Polly is immediately drawn to Jim, but he is too focused on his mission to pay much attention to her.

When Jim arrives in Granite City, he quickly learns that Drake and his gang are terrorizing the town. The sheriff and his deputies are unable to stop them, and the townspeople are afraid to speak out against them. Jim decides to take matters into his own hands and teams up with a group of men who are also fed up with Drake's tyranny. Together, they plan to take back their town and get revenge on Drake and his gang once and for all.

The Storm Rider is a classic Western movie that contains all the elements of the genre—horses, guns, and rugged landscapes. The film is a fast-paced adventure that keeps the audience engaged with its action-packed scenes and suspenseful storyline. Scott Brady delivers a strong performance as Jim Dancer, a brave young man who is not afraid to take on the bad guys. Mala Powers also shines as Polly, the beautiful and courageous woman who stands by Jim's side.

The movie is also notable for its stunning cinematography. The sweeping shots of the desert landscape and the beautiful sunsets are breathtaking. The soundtrack, composed by Albert Glasser, perfectly complements the visuals and adds to the overall atmosphere of the film.

In conclusion, The Storm Rider is a must-see movie for fans of Westerns. It has everything you would expect from a classic Western film—a strong hero, a villain you love to hate, and plenty of action. Scott Brady, Mala Powers, and Bill Williams all give standout performances that make the movie a true gem. The Storm Rider is a timeless classic that is still enjoyable to watch today.

The Storm Rider
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