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"Thru the Time Barrier, 552 years Ahead... Roaring To the Far Reaches of Titanic Terror, Crash-Landing Into the Nightmare Future!"
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  • 1956
  • 1 hr 20 min
  • 5.8  (2,355)

World Without End is a science fiction movie released in 1956. Directed by Edward Bernds and produced by Richard V. Heermance, the movie takes place in the year 1958, when a group of four astronauts on a mission get lost in space and end up crash-landing on a post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2508. The plot of the movie centers around the four astronauts - John Borden (Hugh Marlowe), Herb Ellis (Rod Taylor), Dr. Eldon Galbraithe (Nelson Leigh), and Henry Jaffe (Christopher Dark) - who are on a mission to Mars. However, due to a malfunction in their spacecraft, they get caught in a space-time warp and end up crash-landing on Earth 550 years in the future. They quickly realize that Earth has gone through a catastrophic event, and the survivors have been forced to adapt to a new way of life.

As the astronauts explore their new surroundings, they encounter a group of humans living in a cave system, and they soon discover that the humans are ruled by a tribe of telepathic mutants who possess supernatural powers. The mutants are led by a charismatic and powerful figure named The Supreme (Everett Glass), who plans to expand his power by eliminating all non-mutated humans.

The movie then follows the four astronauts as they try to find a way back to their own time while also trying to survive in this new world. Along the way, they find allies in the form of two human rebels, Garnet (Nancy Gates) and Deena (Shirley Patterson), who help them in their quest to defeat The Supreme and his mutant followers.

The movie is a classic example of 1950s science fiction with its focus on futuristic technology and post-apocalyptic themes. The sets, costumes, and special effects are all classic 1950s fare, with the giant mutant spiders being a particular highlight. The story is also typical of its time, with its emphasis on Cold War paranoia and the threat of nuclear war.

One of the strengths of the movie is its cast, with Hugh Marlowe giving a strong performance as the leader of the astronauts. His character is the most rational and level-headed of the group, and he is the one who tries to keep everyone on track when things go wrong. Nelson Leigh also gives a good performance as the resident scientist of the group, providing the necessary exposition about the new world they find themselves in.

The female characters in the movie are also given a more significant role than was typical of movies from this era. Nancy Gates plays the role of Garnet, one of the human rebels who helps the astronauts. Although she is still a damsel in distress in some ways, she is an active participant in the story, helping the astronauts in their fight against The Supreme. Shirley Patterson also has a small but crucial role as Deena, Garnet's sister, who provides the final piece of the puzzle for the astronauts to return to their own time.

Overall, World Without End is a fun and entertaining science fiction movie that is well worth a watch for fans of classic sci-fi. Its mix of Cold War paranoia, post-apocalyptic themes, and giant mutant spiders makes for an engaging and enjoyable story. While it may not have the sophistication of modern sci-fi movies, it is still a solid piece of entertainment that reminds us of why we love science fiction in the first place.

World Without End
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