Last of the Dogmen

"A journey of the heart. The adventure of their lives."
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Last of the Dogmen is a 1995 adventure movie about a bounty hunter who encounters a group of Cheyenne soldiers known as Dogmen while pursuing a group of escaped convicts. Lewis Gates (Tom Berenger) is a seasoned hunter and tracker who lives in the remote mountainous region near the Montana and Canadian border. While in pursuit of the convicts, Gates finds some strange artifacts that he takes to archeologist Lillian Sloane (Barbara Hershey). Sloane identifies an arrow as a replica of one used by the now-extinct Dog Soldiers of the Cheyenne tribe. Gates believes the arrow is the real deal, and the convicts were killed by actual Dog Soldiers. Sloane has a hard time believing this because the last of the Dog Soldiers were allegedly killed in the Sand Creek Massacre almost 130 years ago.

Gates is convinced that the soldiers still exist, so he enlists the help of Sloane to help him find them. After a fruitless search that produces nothing, Gates, Sloane and his trusted Australian cattle dog, Zip, are about to go home. The Dogmen make their presence known and take them captive. Sloane is astounded to find that the band of soldiers were able to survive and thrive in the wilderness for decades without being discovered.

Gates and Sloane are taken back to the tribe's village. The elders are highly suspicious of their motives and unsure whether or not they can trust them. The duo is able to convince the elders that their motives are pure. However, they face a dilemma that could prove deadly to the tribe. Gate's vindictive ex-father-in-law Sheriff Deegan (Kurtwood Smith) assembles a posse to track Gates. It is feared that if the Posse finds their whereabouts, it will be another Sand Creek Massacre. Gates and Sloane are now determined to keep the tribe's whereabouts unknown.

| 1995 | 1 hr 58 min | 7.0/10
Tom Berenger, Barbara Hershey, Kurtwood Smith, Steve Reevis
Carolco Pictures
Tab Murphy
Produced By
Joel B. Michaels
Last of the Dogmen
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