Brain of Blood

"A Blood-dripping Brain Transplant turns a Maniac into a Monster..."

Amir, the kind overseer of the country Kalid, is of ailing health. However, there are hopes that his brain may be transposed into another human's body. Upon dying, Amir's body is taken overseas to America so that Dr. Trenton can perform the procedure. Unfortunately, the donor was acquired late in the planning stages and results in the ruler's mind being placed within the body of a lame and simple assistant to the doctor; a punishment inflicted upon the assistant for screwing things up. While Trenton has his own plans, Amir's friend and wife try their best to fix the problem.

| 1971 | 1 hr 27 min | 2.3/10
Grant Williams, Kent Taylor, John Bloom, Regina Carrol
Independent International Pictures, Phil-Am Enterprises Ltd.
Al Adamson
Brain of Blood
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Original Trailer - (Al Adamson) - 1971|2:57
Brain Of Blood (trailer)1972|2:57