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"Cavalry vs. Tanks! A Riot of Revelry!"
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  • 1938
  • 1 hr 20 min
  • 5.7  (110)

Army Girl is a gripping drama movie about a young woman, Carol Stephens (Madge Evans), who is determined to prove herself in traditionally male-dominated environments. At the start of the movie, Carol is a carefree young woman who enjoys working as a nightclub singer in New York City. However, when her father, a retired army officer, passes away, she decides to follow in his footsteps and join the army herself.

Upon arriving at the army base, Carol meets and befriends Private Bill Davis (Preston Foster), a tough and experienced soldier who is initially skeptical of her abilities. However, Carol quickly proves herself to be a valuable asset to the army, excelling in physical training and weapons drills. While some of the male soldiers resent her presence, others, like Private Davis, come to respect and admire her.

As Carol progresses through the ranks, she becomes involved in a romantic relationship with Captain Jim Larrabie (Neil Hamilton), a high-ranking officer who is supportive of her ambitions. However, she must also navigate the challenges of being a woman in the army, including sexist attitudes and harassment from some of her male colleagues.

The movie is notable for its realistic portrayal of army life, with detailed scenes of drills, tactics, and equipment. It also explores issues of gender and power in the military, highlighting the difficulties faced by women who seek to break into male-dominated professions.

Madge Evans gives a standout performance as Carol, portraying her as a determined and courageous young woman who refuses to let others underestimate her. Preston Foster is also excellent as Bill Davis, bringing a rough charm to his role as the gruff but ultimately honorable soldier. Neil Hamilton delivers a solid performance as Captain Larrabie, portraying him as a sympathetic and supportive figure who believes in Carol's abilities.

Overall, Army Girl is a worthwhile movie that offers a compelling story and strong performances from its cast. It successfully combines elements of romance, action, and social commentary, making it an engaging and thought-provoking film. It is particularly noteworthy for its portrayal of a female protagonist succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated field, and for its nuanced exploration of the complexities of power and gender in the military.

Army Girl
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