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Aryan is a movie about a love story gone wrong. Aryan is the name of the boxer that Neha falls in love with despite the feelings of her parents. Aryan is not the type of man that Neha's parents expect her to be with, especially with Neha coming from money. Aryan is an aspiring boxer, that loses his career due to an incident and succombs to working for a place where his wife models for. Neha becomes pregnant which is the cause for the wedding.

Throughout the film you will find jealousy, anger and heartache when faced with the truth. Suspicions of an affair arise, along with bouts of depression can push anyone over.

Not Rated
| 2006 | | 4.6/10
Sohail Khan, Sneha Ullal, Inder Kumar, Farida Jalal
Abhishek Kapoor
Produced By
Poonam Khubani, Vipin Anand
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Also directed by Abhishek Kapoor