Athena: Goddess of War

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  • TV-14
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 58 min
  • 6.4  (452)

Athena: Goddess of War is a South Korean spy-action thriller drama that aired in 2010-2011. The series stars Jung Woo-sung as Lee Jung-woo, an agent in the National Anti-Terror Service (NTS), who is determined to protect his country from terrorist attacks. Soo Ae stars as Han Jae-hee, a colleague at the NTS, who becomes embroiled in a dangerous love triangle with Lee Jung-woo and Hye-in, played by actress Lee Ji-ah.

The series follows Lee Jung-woo and Han Jae-hee as they navigate the world of espionage, thwarting terrorists and uncovering conspiracies along the way. The storyline involves international diplomatic incidents, undercover missions and villains with agendas of their own. The storylines are fast-paced and leave the viewers at the edge of their seats.

As Lee Jung-woo, Jung Woo-sung plays a tough, intelligent and dedicated agent who strives to carry out his mission at any cost. He is a skilled martial artist and marksman, and is able to think quickly on his feet. As the series progresses, we see the character soften as he is drawn into a series of life-threatening situations. Soo Ae’s character, Han Jae-hee, is portrayed as a competent and smart agent who is struggling to come to terms with her feelings for Lee Jung-woo. She faces various moral dilemmas as the series progresses, bringing an emotional dimension to the drama.

Seung-Won Cha plays Son Hyuk, the leader of the terrorist organization named Athena, which aims to bring chaos and destruction to South Korea. The character of Son Hyuk is the main antagonist of the series, and he is a constant source of tension, danger and intrigue for Lee Jung-woo and Han Jae-hee. Cha’s portrayal of Son Hyuk is cold, calculating, and relentless, making him one of the most memorable villains in Korean drama.

In addition to the main cast, Athena: Goddess of War boasts a star-studded supporting cast, including actors like Kim Min-jong, Sung Dong-il, and Choi Si-won, who bring their own unique talents to the series. Kim Min-jong plays Kim Ki-soo, a skilled and resourceful NTS agent who is a loyal friend to Lee Jung-woo. Sung Dong-il plays Jung Soo-young, the NTS Director, who provides guidance and support to the agents. Choi Si-won plays Kim Joon-ho, a hacker who assists the NTS agents in their missions.

One of the most impressive aspects of Athena: Goddess of War is the high production value, particularly the action sequences. The series features a number of large-scale set pieces, ranging from car chases to gunfights to martial arts battles. These action scenes are well-choreographed and expertly shot, giving the series a cinematic feel.

Athena: Goddess of War was a spin-off series of the Korean drama Iris, which focused on the story of Lee Byung-hun’s character, Kim Hyun-jun. While Athena features some of the same characters and settings as Iris, it operates as a standalone series, and viewers do not need to have seen Iris to enjoy it.

Overall, Athena: Goddess of War is an action-packed spy thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The series combines suspenseful plotlines, dynamic action sequences, and top-notch performances from its cast to create a thoroughly entertaining viewing experience. Whether you’re a fan of Korean dramas or just looking for a thrilling series to binge-watch, Athena: Goddess of War is a great choice.

Athena: Goddess of War
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