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"The Coup Arose In The North."
  • TV-MA
  • 2017
  • 2 hr 19 min
  • 7.1  (6,412)

In the movie Steel Rain from 2017, South Korean intelligence agent Jung Jin-soo (played by Jung Woo-sung) finds himself in the middle of an international crisis when he witnesses a coup d'état in North Korea. After a series of tense events, Jin-soo is unwillingly paired with North Korean official Kwak Chul-woo (played by Kwak Do-won), and together they must prevent all-out war between their countries.

The film begins with a North Korean nuclear missile test gone wrong, which leads to a power struggle within the North Korean government. The situation escalates quickly as high-ranking officials are assassinated and a coup takes place. While attempting to gather intelligence on the situation, Jin-soo is captured by the North Koreans and brought to a secret location for interrogation. Kwak is also brought to the same location, having been accused of being a traitor to the North Korean cause.

After narrowly escaping execution, Jin-soo and Kwak work together to try and make sense of the chaotic situation unfolding around them. Jin-soo is determined to get back to South Korea and is willing to do whatever it takes, including taking on a dangerous mission to retrieve a top-secret data stick from the North Korean leader's bunker. Kwak, on the other hand, has his own motives for sticking around and getting involved in the crisis. Despite their initial distrust of each other, the two develop an unlikely partnership as they face numerous obstacles and dangers.

The movie touches on several themes including espionage, loyalty, and the devastating consequences of war. There are also several references made to real-life geopolitical tensions, particularly North Korean hostility toward its southern neighbor and the role of the United States in navigating the conflict. The tension and drama build steadily throughout the film, with gripping action scenes and surprising plot twists that keep the audience engaged.

Jung Woo-sung is excellent in his role as Jin-soo, portraying the character's determination and bravery in the face of immense danger. Kwak Do-won is equally impressive as Kwak, bringing depth and complexity to a character who initially seems like a cold and ruthless bureaucrat. The two actors have great chemistry together, which helps to elevate the film even further.

In terms of production values, Steel Rain is well-made, with impressive special effects and cinematography that help to create a realistic and immersive atmosphere. The film also boasts an excellent musical score that complements the action and drama perfectly. Overall, the movie is a tense and thrilling ride that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

In conclusion, Steel Rain is a must-see for fans of international espionage thrillers and political dramas. It is a well-crafted film with excellent performances from its lead actors, strong production values, and a gripping storyline that will keep audiences engaged from start to finish. Whether you are familiar with the history and politics of the Korean Peninsula or not, this film is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Steel Rain
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    7.1  (6,412)