Attack On Titan Part 2

"The world is merciless."
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Mankind has been safe from the monstrous Titans for one hundred years, so long that the memories of their horrific attacks have slowly faded and been replaced by a curiosity about the world outside their walls. A young man named Eren and a group of his friends embark on a quest to catch a glimpse of the other side of the three walls that have kept them safe their whole lives. Their plans change abruptly when the most enormous Titan ever manages to break through their wall of protection, followed by an army of his blood thirsty friends.

Becoming members of the Survey Corps, Eren and his friends join the fight to save what humanity there is left from being devoured by the howling creatures. With the sights, smells and sounds of death surrounding them, there are times when the end of their world seems eminent. Not knowing for sure who can be trusted, they rely heavily on each other to stay sane a midst the craziness.

Defeating the Titans and building a new world will take extraordinary leadership and ability, is there such a leader among them? What does the future hold for Eren and his friends as they face the challenges ahead?

Not Rated
| 2015 | | 4.8/10
Haruma Miura, Hiroki Hasegawa, Kanata HongĂ´, Kiko Mizuhara
Shinji Higuchi
Attack On Titan Part 2
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Also starring Hiroki Hasegawa