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Freezia and the Z fighters are at it again! Witness Goku's next transformation into super Saiyan God 2. Watch the original Dragonball Z characters reunite to take down the all time supervillian Freezia. The remaining soldiers of Freezia's army are led by two henchmen Sorbet and Tagoma. They decide to revive their leader by using the dragon balls. Freezia returns and seeks revenge against Goku for his demise. Realizing Goku and Vegeta are much stronger since their first encounter; he undergoes training.

Freezia sets out to earth to destroy the Z fighters. A brief cameo is made from Jaco the galactic destroyer as he warns Bulma of Freezia's return. Son Gohan, Piccolo, Krillian, Tenshinhan, Master Roshi, and Jaco battle Freezia's army. Meanwhile Goku and Vegeta are busy training with Beerus the god of destruction.

The Z fighters are almost killed by Freezia; luckily Goku and Vegeta arrive to save the day. Freezia goes full power and shows off his new golden form transformation. He is able to overpower the two Saiyans, even in their god forms. However the form quickly drains his power, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.

| 2015 | 1 hr 33 min | 7.4/10
Tadayoshi Yamamuro

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