Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

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Garlic Jr., pursuing the evil path of his father wants to become the most powerful being in the universe. Obtaining seven dragon balls to earn the wish is one factor to fulfill his dream of ultimate power. His henchmen searching for dragon balls attacked a family, and kidnapped their child who had one. Finding his wife injured on the ground Goku learns of his son Gohan’s abduction. Rushing to the villain fortress with his friend Krillin to rescue Gohan they began fighting the henchmen. Garlic’s Jr. wish may help him to accomplish the evil plans that his father couldn’t accomplish.

| 1997 | 41 min | 7.0/10
Masako Nozawa, Toshio Furukawa, Hiromi Tsuru, Mayumi Tanaka
Daisuke Nishio
Produced By
Kz Morishita
Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
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Also starring Toshio Furukawa