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The film entitled G-Girl is centered on the life and adventures of a young lady known as Angel. Angel is a lady who is very talented in break dancing. She lives in Brooklyn with her mother a woman known as Gabby. Angel has a boyfriend called Hector but he always offends and insults her so she decides they should have a break up. Hector however refuses to end the relationship with Angel as he claims he still loves her and wants them to continue. One day Angel and her friend Rosie decide to go out at night to have some fun. They swap jackets and hats such that Rosie looks like Angel and Angel looks like Rosie in return. Hector comes across Rosie and thinking it is Angel, he stabs her he later realizes his mistake and stabs Angel as well. Hector immediately flees after committing his act but fortunately, the two friends survive the stabbing. Some weeks later, after Angel recovers slightly from the wounds she finds out she can no longer break dance with ease. Her mother then decides to take her to safety to live with her grandmother in Los Angeles. Not long after they get there Angel gets tired of staying at home so she finds a job at a company that rents cars where she works at night and goes to school during the day. While in school one day she comes across a popular group of break dancers and asks them if she can become a member. Since at the time, they are in need of one dancer they happily offer her a chance to become one of them and Angel starts break dancing again. The characters in the film include Julie Urich starring as Angel, Missy Yager starring as Gabby, James Martinez starring as Hector, Wesley Jonathan starring as Carlos, Aimee Garcia as Rosie, Jenny Gago as Crescencia.

| 2009 | 1 hr 23 min
Emily Dell

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