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Baasha is an Indian action drama film. The film centers around a gentle auto driver, Manikkam who helps those who need help the most. He also stays away from fights, with his only ambition being to bring up his brothers and sisters for success. Manikkam defends his sister and helps his brother obtain a position. Wondering how Manikkam has been able to get both himself and his sister a position, Shiva asks his brother about his past in Bombay.

Flashbacks will show the real Manikkam and his life as a Don named Manik Baashha in Bombay. It will show the events that led up to Manikkam taking revenge for his best friend’s death and the support he got from his people.

Not Rated
| 1995 | | 8.2/10
Rajinikanth, Nagma, Raghuvaran, Vijayakumar
Suresh Krishna
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Also starring Nagma