Bad Golf My Way

"Learn about ticks, mime fields, and ridiculous golf betting with Lesley Nielson!"
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This over the top, short film portrays the story of a man destined to make life miserable for another man. Leslie Nielson is an avid golfer who deeply enjoys playing the game. Along the way he notices a young, brash golfer who is determined to give others a hard time and truly boast his character. This is all to the dismay of Nielson, who comes up with a diabolical plan to achieve satisfaction. He invites the young, arrogant golfer to a round of golf. Along the way, Nielson aggravates the young man by making up his own rules, talking behind his swing, and generally causing a playful nuisance.

1994 | 50 min | 5.7/10
Leslie Nielsen, Don Allison, Robert Donner, Myra Fooden
Rick Friedberg
Produced By
Jon Turtle
Bad Golf My Way
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Also directed by Rick Friedberg