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"Learn about ticks, mime fields, and ridiculous golf betting with Lesley Nielson!"
  • 1994
  • 50 min
  • 5.7  (67)

Bad Golf My Way is a hilarious comedy movie from 1994 that features Leslie Nielsen in the lead role. The storyline revolves around the character of Leslie Nielsen, who is a hopeless golfer and tries to improve his game in all possible ways. The movie shows how his antics on the golf course create chaos and confusion for everyone around him.

The movie begins with Leslie Nielsen, playing himself, playing a typical round of golf with his friends, Don Allison and Robert Donner. From the outset, it's clear that he is a terrible golfer, with a strange swing and a complete lack of precision. He slices every shot and spends more time in the rough than on the fairway.

Determined to improve his game, Leslie turns to the experts, seeking advice and trying every golfer's trick in the book. He watches videos, reads books, practices in the mirror, and even hires a golf coach, Ms. Myra Fooden, to help him master the sport.

Despite his best efforts, Leslie's performance on the golf course remains poor, and his antics only serve to make things worse. He tries to improve his swing by lifting weights, ends up damaging his back, and resorts to using a motorized golf cart to get around the course, which only leads to him crashing it during a round.

As the story progresses, Leslie's golf journey takes him to different locations, from the local mini-golf course to the prestigious Pebble Beach Golf Links. Along the way, he encounters various complications and challenges, including a group of angry golfers who are not happy with his slow pace of play, and a group of nuns who have taken over the local driving range.

Don Allison and Robert Donner provide comic relief throughout the movie as Leslie's hapless golfing buddies, trying to keep up with his never-ending quest to improve his game. They also offer a few memorable moments themselves, including Robert Donner's hilarious attempt to become a caddy.

Myra Fooden plays the role of Leslie's golf coach and serves as an excellent foil to his comedic timing. She tries her best to help him improve his game, but her efforts are often thwarted by Leslie's unique approach to the sport.

The highlight of the movie is undoubtedly Leslie Nielsen's performance, as he delivers his lines with impeccable timing and shows off his signature deadpan humor. His ridiculous golf attire, including a bright yellow golf suit and a hat adorned with a clown nose, adds to the comedy.

The movie concludes with a memorable scene at Pebble Beach Golf Links, where Leslie makes a valiant effort to win the tournament, only to end up causing chaos on the course. The final scene leaves the audience laughing and reflecting on the absurdity of golf as a sport.

Overall, Bad Golf My Way is an entertaining, light-hearted comedy movie that will appeal to golf enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. Leslie Nielsen's performance is the standout, and the movie is sure to leave audiences with a smile on their face.

Bad Golf My Way
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    50 min
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    5.7  (67)