Bare Knuckles

"She fought for everything."

Bare Knuckles is a 1977 Black exploitation action filmed created, written and directed by Don Edmonds. The film stars, Robert Viharo, Sherry Jackson, Gloria Hendry and John Daniels. The plot of the film centers on Zach and Black, two bounty hunters operating out of the crime ridden underbelly of Los Angeles. Both men must team up to stop a strange mask wearing serial killer whom has been terrorizing the citizens of the fabled, "City of Angels."

The film was made for a very small budget and famously, also without any permits for filming. It has often been cited by grind house cinema enthusiasts as a seminal and inspirational work in the genre.

| 1977 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.6/10
Robert Viharo, Sherry Jackson, Michael Heit, Gloria Hendry
Don Edmonds
Bare Knuckles
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Also starring Robert Viharo

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