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Behind the Green Lights is a 1935 crime drama film directed by the legendary Christy Cabanne. The movie stars Norman Foster, Judith Allen, and Sidney Blackmer in lead roles. The story revolves around a series of mysterious murders occurring in a metropolitan city. The victims are wealthy men who visit nightclubs and cabarets. The police department's lead investigator, Lt. Sam Carson, played by Norman Foster, is in charge of solving the murder cases.

The movie opens with the murder of a wealthy businessman named Mr. Harrison. The murderer left a clue at the crime scene- a playing card with the letter 'K' carved on it. The next victim is another businessman, Mr. Judd. Like Mr. Harrison, the same modus operandi is followed, and a playing card with the letter 'K' is found at the scene.

Lt. Sam investigates the case and finds out that both men were regular visitors to a nightclub named 'Green Lady.' He goes undercover as a wealthy businessman and visits the nightclub to gather evidence. He meets the club's owner, Leon Gordon, played by Sidney Blackmer, who seems to have connections with everyone - from underworld gangsters to political leaders.

During his investigation, Lt. Sam also meets a beautiful singer named Sue Allen, played by Judith Allen. Sue works at the nightclub and helps Lt. Sam in his investigation. They become friends and start to develop feelings for each other.

As the investigation progresses, Lt. Sam comes across many suspects, including the nightclub's shady bartender, the singer Sue herself, and even Leon Gordon. Things start to get dangerous as Lt. Sam gets closer to uncovering the truth.

The movie's direction by Christy Cabanne is exceptional. The fast-paced storyline keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The lead cast, Norman Foster, Judith Allen, and Sidney Blackmer, deliver some stellar performances. Norman Foster is perfect as the tough and tenacious Lt. Sam Carson. Judith Allen brings charm and a sense of vulnerability to her portrayal of Sue Allen. Sidney Blackmer gives an unforgettable performance as the enigmatic and sinister Leon Gordon.

The movie's cinematography is impressive, and the nightclub scenes are especially captivating. The music and dance sequences are enjoyable to watch and make the viewers feel like they are right in the middle of the nightclub's action.

The movie's climax is a nail-biting finale, with all loose ends tied up in the last few minutes. The way the story concludes will leave viewers feeling both satisfied and relieved.

In conclusion, Behind the Green Lights is a must-watch crime drama from the 1930s. Its engaging storyline, talented cast, captivating music and dance sequences, and excellent direction make it an enjoyable watch for any fan of classic Hollywood movies.

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