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Directed by Cess Silvera the direct-to-video, Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club, is based on a true story of a thug in Los Angeles that is faced with a bold, new world when he gets out. Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club, can be riveting, repulsive and enlightening. Set in East Compton, the movie begins as thug "G" strolls out of prison promising himself he will never see the gray inside walls again as he is tired of being behind bars and caged. G is only on the streets -- free for a few long days when he realizes it doesn't take the mean streets long to find him and reel him in once more time. Meeting Alexis, played by Shari Headley, G finds that he and his girlfriend are both hiding secret lives.

Alexis is kidnapped and taken to Costa while Coleman calls G to let him know of his girlfriend's fate. G, gathering his men, heads to Costa's garage where a gun battle breaks out. Dodging bullets fired with machine guns and hand guns, G's men -- along with G -- fight for their life.

The finish of the ferocious gunfight finds G staring at the dead bodies of his boyz. Taking careful aim, he shoots notorious drug lord, Tito Costa, before finding out the truth about his girlfriend Alexis in the movie's captivating and climatic finish. The movie ends with a twist that is totally unexpected and completely unpredictable and left test audiences asking for more.

The 77 minute movie, written by K. Snyder and produced by Rick James was distributed by Blackout Productions. The music features outstanding, original tunes by R&B stars Jesse Powell, and Sherod Lindsey along with The Co-Stars and is widely available whereever music tracks are sold

| 2006 | 1 hr 17 min | 3.5/10
Game, Taye Hansberry, Ski Carr, Michael Kenneth Williams
LionsGate Entertainment
Hype Williams, Ivan Frank

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