Beyond Our Ken

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In this film directed by Pang Ho-cheung, a karaoke waitress named Shirley finds her idyllic life with her boyfriend, Ken, a fireman, suddenly disrupted in a very disturbing manner. An ex-school teacher named Chan Wai Ching confronts her to inform her that she should not trust Ken anymore. The woman explains that Ken used to be her boyfriend, but that when they separated Ken ruined her career by posting intimate photos of her online without permission. She seeks Shirley's help in retrieving compromising material from Ken's personal computer. The plot unfolds as the two women begin cooperating with each other.

2004 | | 7.0/10
Gillian Chung, Daniel Wu, Höng Tao, Hin-Wai Au
Pang Ho-Cheung
Produced By
Catherine Hun
Beyond Our Ken
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