"A boarding school teenager on the verge of full erotic awakening."

The epic film Bilitis is a French film that falls into the genre(s) of both romance, as well as drama. This film was directed by the famous photographer David Hamilton and its film was scored by the incredible composer Francis Lai. Also, this film was produced by Sylvio Tabet and Malcolm J. Thomson, as well as written by Robert Boussinot, Catherine Breillat, and Jacques Nahum. Bilitis stars many outstanding actor's and actresses such as Patti D' Arbanville, Mona Kristensen, Bernard Giraudeau, and Mathieu Carriere. This ingenious film has not yet been rated. This French film is mainly focused on two very different women by the names of Bilitis and Melissa, taking place in the 1930's. While Bilitis is a teenaged girl in boarding school, who is some what on her way to an erotic awakening, Melissa is a married women, whose marriage is on the brink of falling into complete shambles. Ultimately, this teenager and this married couple come together when Bilitis is sent to live with them in their home during the summer. Bilitis spends her entire summer with this slow failing marriage. While Bilitis is staying at Melissa and her husband's home, Bilitis starts to develop a school girl crush on Melissa. Bilitis than develops the feelings that Melissa's husband is not a suitable match for her, and believing that he is not a good male lover, and therefore sets out on pursuit of a young teenaged boy, that she believes will be a suitable male lover for Melissa. During Bilitis' stay with the married couple and the events that transpire during her stay, Bilitis will soon realize that she is not as ready for adulthood as she once thought. Upon returning back to school, Bilitis will have an entirely new outlook on life. Unfortunately, she must make it through the summer with Melissa and her husband before she finally figures it all out.

| 1977 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.5/10
David Hamilton
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