Bill Cosby: Himself

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Bill Cosby Himself is a live Bill Cosby stand-up comedy routine. It is a classic with most live comedy fans. Mr. Cosby is the writer, director, and star comedian of the show. He is seated on the stage for most of his routine and speaks to the members of the audience as if he was sitting in their living room talking with them personally. This live show paved the way for his smash hit television show The Cosby Show. Like the television show, The Cosby Show, Bill Cosby Himself is appropriate for most age levels.

The movie begins with a montage of pictures of Bill Cosby's real life family. It is full of hilarious anecdotes about raising children using examples from his own parenting experience. He even speaks about his wife's labor experience. The movie also brilliantly portrays the funny aspects of every-day activities such as going to the dentist and feeding his kids chocolate cake. He also speaks comically about drunkenness and drugs in a way that encourages people not to do these things.

Stories about Bill Cosby's encounters with children, his own as well as random encounters, are the meat of most of his performances, and Bill Cosby Himself is no exception. He is a master of bringing out the naturally funny things that kids tend to say and then making them more intensely hilarious. He speaks of little Jeffrey on an airplane, his brother Russell when they were growing up, and of course his own children. Mr. Cosby even admits that he thought he was an intellectual before he had children. But after the children came, he wasn't quite sure because of the many confusing things that kids say and do.

Not only is the Bill Cosby Himself material funny, but Bill's expressions, mannerisms, and movements add a lot to the total performance.

| 1982 | 1 hr 45 min | 8.2/10
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby
Produced By
Bill Cosby, James B. Herring
Bill Cosby: Himself
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