"They're the best of friends... And they've got the scars to prove it."
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The film entitled Dutch is about the life of Dutch. The film starts when Dutch Dooley goes to attend a luxurious party with his girlfriend known as Natalie. When Dutch gets to the party he appears to be tattered among the other people of high status. He is putting on an inexpensive suit. He also engages in boring conversation by telling boring stories.

Natalie also has a loose personality and she does not appear stern to suit to occasion. She is not able to fit herself in with the rest of the guests who have more rigid personalities. Some moments later, Dutch comes across Natalie’s ex-husband. Reed tells Natalie he plans to take their son to London on a business trip. He intimidates Natalie that he will take custody of Doyle if Natalie fails to treat him well. When Dutch hears this he threatens Reed to leave Natalie alone.

Some days later, Natalie invites Doyle to come and spend thanksgiving with her but Doyle refuses. He tells her how much he hates her. He also blames her for her failed marriage with Reed. Dutch overhears their discussion and decides to get to know Doyle. Dutch decides to go over to Georgia and bring Doyle home to Natalie for Thanksgiving.

When Dutch gets to Georgia he finally meets Doyle. He realizes that Doyle has the same character as his father. He is arrogant, self centered and rude. He welcomes Dutch in a rude way. Dutch forces him into the car and drives off.

Dutch and Doyle experience many challenges along their way. They offer a ride to two harlots who steal their bags and money. While on the journey, Doyle calls Reed and finds out he had no plans of traveling to London.

They spend the night at a care home. The next day a caring lady takes them home in her car. At the end, Doyle confronts Reed and reconciles with Natalie.

| 1991 | | 6.5/10
Ed O'Neill, Ethan Embry, JoBeth Williams, Christopher McDonald
Peter Faiman
Produced By
Robert Weissman
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Also directed by Peter Faiman