"Kill to get in. Die to get out."

One cold night, two men dressed as a nun and a hooker are murdered along with the hooker's girlfriend in a back alley. In an apartment across town, Maddy wakes up in a cold sweat from her recent nightmare. This is not a good time for Maddy to be distracted with gruesome nonsense when she has an interview for a new job. It is after she gets the job that she starts flirt with Shawn, the guy that interviewed her and gave her the job. One night, Shawn invites Maddy to a pool party thrown by some of his friends where she learns of "Murder Club". While all of this is going on Maddy is still plagued with horrendous nightmares that are proving to become more and more realistic.

| 2002 | 1 hr 22 min | 3.4/10
Dennis Petersen (III), Devin Hamilton
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