Blessed & Cursed

The movie takes place in the modern era of the inner city of Detroit. Deitrick Haddon plays a gospel singer who has extraordinary talent. The modern story of David and Saul hits home as Dwight Hawkins(Haddon) must choose between a famous career versus his family. His father's dreams of being a bishop were never reached, and when the time comes for Dwight to move towards his dream, someone unsuspecting will try to destroy him.

Hawkins is so good that the bishop of the church is envious and will stop at nothing to keep Hawkins from his destiny. Hawkins must reach deep down inside and find the strength to succeed, where others would see him fail. His main nemesis is the very one who hires him to be the churches main singer. With all the fame and attention Hawkins receives the Bishop becomes jealous. The majority of the movie shows Hawkins trying to make it through the ugly conflict inside the church he loves. He must choose between his place in the church verses his devotion to his father and family

The gospel music episodes are enough to break up the tension of the serious subject matter of what happens with inner turmoil in the church. This gospel drama is Deitrick Haddon's first film debut. The movie is not rated, and runs for two hours. This is more of a young teen to adult theme movie. The gospel parts will draw Christian in for the entertainment value. The story can get a little confusing as it tries to implement several sub-stories around the main theme. The realistic part of how jealousy and envy can ruin a church family from within is sad to see, but that is what makes this movie real. It all comes down to listening to ones heart and believing in what God would have you do when faced with such adversity.

| 2010 | 1 hr 41 min
Blessed & Cursed

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