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  • 2002
  • 2 hr 5 min
  • 6.9  (2,673)
  • 77

Blissfully Yours is a 2002 Thai film directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, which tells a simple yet profound story about two people who search for happiness amidst the monotony and tedium of everyday life. The film follows the journey of a young woman, Roong (Kanokporn Tongaram), as she seeks to escape her mundane existence by taking a day off to go on a road trip with her lover, Min (Min Oo).

The couple soon finds themselves in a quiet jungle, where they can be free from noise, people, and their urban life routine. They set up a hammock in a secluded clearing, where they have sex while gazing at the blue sky above them. Eventually, they fall asleep, and the viewer gets a glimpse of their dream world, as the camera lingers on their naked bodies, the dew on the grass, and the rustling of the leaves. This long, unbroken shot that lasts for about an hour helps to portray the pureness of their relationship and the beauty of the environment they are in.

As the day progresses, Roong and Min encounter Jenjira (Jenjira Pongpas), a hospital worker who has a facial paralysis issue. Jenjira lives alone in a nearby village, but she joins them for a trip and leads them to a waterfall surrounded by rocks and trees. They spend the rest of the day in each other's company, laughing, playing games, sharing meals, and enjoying the scenery.

The film's slow pace and hypnotic rhythm help to accentuate the beauty of both human and natural worlds, and while the lovers' contentment seems to be the very theme of the story, the film also explores themes such as freedom, desire, language, isolation, and suspense. The dialogue is kept to a minimum throughout, and most scenes linger in silence or the sounds of nature. The cinematography is also exceptional, capturing the lush jungle with its greenery, sunlight, water, and shadows.

Blissfully Yours is a film that defies our fast-paced world, encouraging viewers to experience the world within and outside through their senses. It is also a film about the human yearning for escape, and the seduction of peaceful moments away from our mundane, stressful routines. And yet, the story does not offer a clear resolution or an obvious message to the audience. Instead, it leaves the viewers with a sense of contemplation and a deeper appreciation of the human, sensory experience.

Overall, Blissfully Yours is a daring, unconventional film that provides an intimate, meditative experience of a rare kind. It is a work of art that will reward those who can surrender themselves to its glacial pace and immerse themselves in its sights and sounds. It is a unique and rewarding film that demands patience but offers a transcendent reward for those who are willing to invest the time and energy.

Blissfully Yours
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  • Runtime
    2 hr 5 min
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    6.9  (2,673)
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