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  • 1940
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Blondie on a Budget is a 1940 comedy film that stars Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, and Larry Simms. Directed by Frank R. Strayer, the film revolves around Dagwood Bumstead, a lovable hapless husband and his wife Blondie who find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Dagwood loses his job just as they’re about to buy a new house, and the couple is forced to make drastic changes to their lifestyle in order to survive.

The movie opens with Dagwood getting fired from his job as a banker, and the couple worrying about how they will be able to keep up with their mortgage payments. They receive a letter from their bank, informing them that they have 10 days to come up with the money before their house is repossessed. Blondie agrees to cut back on their expenses and the couple start looking for ways to save money.

Dagwood starts sharing his carpool with two frugal and eccentric carpool members, Ollie and Elmo, who inspire him to think creatively about their finances. They stop using expensive cleaning products and switch to cheaper ones. Dagwood’s obsession with saving even includes arguing with Blondie over the price of a telephone call. To make matters worse, their son Alexander keeps getting into trouble at school and they have to pay for his misbehavior.

In the midst of all of this, Blondie finds out that her friend’s husband, Bertie, is starting a new business and is looking for investors. She convinces Dagwood to invest in the new venture with money they don’t have. When the investment doesn't turn out as planned, Blondie is forced to come up with a creative solution to pay back the money she borrowed.

Throughout the film, Dagwood struggles to find a new job, attempting to sell insurance and investment products along the way, but his efforts are mostly futile. Meanwhile, Blondie finds opportunity when the owner of a restaurant frequented by Dagwood and his coworkers retires leaving the place up for sale. Blondie uses her ingenuity and newly acquired entrepreneurial skills to purchase the restaurant and turn it into a bustling success, all without Dagwood’s knowledge.

Blondie on a Budget ultimately follows the trials and tribulations of the couple as they navigate through financial hardships and embark on new ventures in order to survive. Though the movie is set in the 1940s, many of the themes it touches upon are still relevant today, such as the struggles of the working-class to make ends meet, the fear of losing one's home, and the desire to provide for one's children.

Penny Singleton as Blondie is charming and endearing, while Arthur Lake as Dagwood is the perfect embodiment of the lovable bumbling husband. The chemistry between them is palpable and their comedic timing is spot on. Larry Simms as Alexander also adds to the humor with his precocious remarks and his constant hunger.

In conclusion, Blondie on a Budget is an entertaining and humorous movie that tackle serious issues with charm and wit. It’s a must-watch for fans of vintage comedy and those interested in the hardships of everyday life in the 1940s.

Blondie on a Budget
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