Blood Crime

Seattle detective Daniel Pruitt and his wife, Jessica, are vacationing outside of the city in the forest when Jessica is attacked. Daniel rushes her to the hospital. Along the trip to the hospital, they crash into a semi truck. Jessica is hysterical and says that the truck driver is the one who sexually assaulted her. Daniel goes into a blind rage and beats the driver unconscious. Upon arrival at the hospital Jessica changes her story and says that the nurse taking care of her is the attacker. Daniel discovers that he may have murdered the driver and he is also the detective on the case. As the case is being investigated Daniel learns that maybe he wasn't the murderer after all.

| 2002 | 2 hr 8 min | 5.3/10
James Caan, Johnathon Schaech, Elizabeth Lackey, David Field
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
William A. Graham
Blood Crime
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