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"This is the West as it really was. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!"
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  • 1967
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 6.1  (1,601)

Waterhole No. 3 is a western comedy film that was released in 1967. Directed by William A. Graham, the movie stars James Coburn as a small-time thief named Lewton Cole, who works as a deputy sheriff in a dusty town called Desert Hole. The cast also includes Carroll O'Connor as a corrupt businessman named Lute Mae Sanders and Margaret Blye as a beautiful widow named Lavinia.

The story begins with Lewton Cole stealing a saddle from a group of cowboys who are on their way to deliver it to Lute Mae Sanders. However, when Lewton brings the saddle to Lute Mae, he finds out that it contains a map to a gold mine that has been hidden by a group of outlaws. Lute Mae wants the gold for himself and hires Lewton to track down the outlaws and the gold.

Lewton sets out on his mission, but he soon discovers that he is not the only one who is after the gold. Lavinia, who is the widow of the man who originally hid the gold, is also looking for it. However, she is being hunted by a group of outlaws who want to get their hands on the gold as well. Lewton decides to help Lavinia, and the two of them team up to find the gold.

As they search for the gold, they encounter a number of obstacles and challenges. They are chased by the outlaws, and Lewton is repeatedly beaten up and left for dead. However, through sheer determination and cunning, he manages to stay alive and continue his search for the gold.

The movie is filled with humor and wit, and the chemistry between James Coburn and Margaret Blye is undeniable. The supporting cast also delivers strong performances, particularly Carroll O'Connor, who brings a sense of sleazy charm to the role of Lute Mae Sanders.

The film's setting is also noteworthy, as it portrays the rugged and unforgiving nature of the Wild West. From the dusty desert landscapes to the rough-and-tumble saloons, Waterhole No. 3 paints a vivid picture of life in the Old West.

Overall, Waterhole No. 3 is a fun and entertaining movie that blends western action with comedy in a unique and enjoyable way. With its memorable characters and engaging storyline, it is sure to be a hit with fans of both genres.

Waterhole No. 3
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