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Penny and her dog Bolt star on the popular TV series called Bolt. In the TV series, Bolt is a super hero dog with special powers that were scientifically given to him. Throughout the series, Bolt protects Penny and stops all the evil plans of Dr. Calico. To get Bolt to have more of a realistic act for the TV shows the producers have made it so that Bolt actually thinks the show is real.

When Bolt believes Penny has actually been kidnapped, he escapes his onset trailer and tries to save her but he falls into a box filled with foam peanuts and is shipped all the way from Hollywood to New York City. There he meets an alley cat named Mittens and forces her to help him find his way back to Hollywood.

Bolt notices that all his superpowers are not working and tries to rationalize it by telling himself that Styrofoam peanuts has that effect on his body and his powers would return. When Bolt feels pain and hunger for the very first time it both confuses and startles him. Mittens takes it upon her to teach Bolt how to be a cute dog so that they could get some food to eat.

Later on, they meet Rhino who is obsessed with the show Bolt and joins their team to return Bolt to Hollywood. Later on, both Rhino and Bolt save mittens from the pound after Bolt finally realizes that he is no more than a regular dog. While on their way to Las Vegas Mittens teaches Bolt how to perform regular dog activities including playing fetch and sticking his head out the window while riding in a car.

In the end of the movie Bolt saves Penny from a fire that is on the set of one of the episodes of Bolt. To save her he uses his "super bark" which the firemen hear through the air ducts. Bolt and Penny quit the show to live normal lives.

| 2008 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.8/10 | 67/100
John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman, Mark Walton
Walt Disney Studios, Motion Pictures
Chris Williams,Byron Howard
Produced By
Clark Spencer

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