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"His secret will destroy lives"

Aptly titled, this Japanese film written and directed by Kotaro Terauchi and starring Yoshikazu Kotani, centers around the Kotani's character who is a teacher at a prominent boarding school. This film is a follow up to Terauchi's same titled straight to DVD, which garned such commercial success that he decided to write a theatrical version of the love story. The story really begins with Kairo Aoi (Kotani) and his girlfriend breaking up, and in the midst of their fallout Mr. Aoi turns to a handsome young man for consolation. Soon after, a new student named Sora (played by Atsumi Kanno) is introduced to Mr. Aoi's class. When Mr. Aoi realizes that this student is the same boy he shared himself with he begins to worry that if their past is discovered his world will fall apart. It is then that Mr. Aoi urges Sora to keep their one time indiscretion between them, and not allow anyone else to know. But Sora has different ideas. Sora does not want to let it go, and he definitely does not want their night together to only be a one-time thing. Sora manages to ensure that the two spend time together on a regular basis, and as hard as Mr. Aoi tries to keep Sora away, it seems Sora tries even harder to bring the two of them together. Eventually, Sora's persistence forces Mr. Aoi to take a long look at himself and their relationship. It is then that he finally sees it for truly what it is. Slowly, you see Sora innocently seduce Mr. Aoi into falling in love with him but along their journey to love they are dealt a handful of agony as well. They experience death, pain and the revelations of shocking secrets. This is truly a love story, with all the pieces that make love what it is.

2006 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.2/10
Kotaro Terauchi
Boys Love