Breaking Dawn

"A mind is a terrible thing to lose."
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The movie Breaking Dawn is a thriller that has a mysterious plot. This movie is an independently made film. Eve is a medical student that is working with a mental patient whose mother had been murdered. Don is the patient and he has many disturbing secrets. He also has some very troubling images as a result of his paranoia from his mental health condition and diminishing sanity.

As Eve continues to look into the murder, she finds that Don is terrified of a creature named Malachi. Eve then begin to figure out if this creature if a figment of Don's mental disability of if it is stalking her. Eve feels that her work with their patient is affecting her own sanity but does not want to give up before uncovering the truth. She wonders if Don is telling her the truth or if there is something more evil at play.

The movie stars Kelly Overton and James Haven as the main characters.

| 2004 | 1 hr 28 min | 5.6/10
Kelly Overton, James Haven, Jennette McCurdy, Joe Morton
Mark Edwin Robinson
Breaking Dawn
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Also directed by Mark Edwin Robinson

Also starring Kelly Overton

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