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  • NR
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 4.3  (3,685)

Breathing Room, a horror/thriller film from 2008, revolves around the story of 14 strangers who wake up in a strange room with no memory of how they got there or why they’re there. The room is designed to keep them confined and, with a limited supply of water, it becomes a race against time to understand their situation and the rules of their captivity.

Throughout the movie, the characters slowly piece together their identities and attempt to figure out a way out of the room before they are killed off one by one by the sadistic mechanical arms that threaten them. As they scramble to solve the room's puzzles, they quickly realize that their chance of survival is greatly reduced with each passing moment as they face hunger, thirst, and the threat of violence.

The movie stars Ailsa Marshall as Tonya, a young woman who becomes the group's leader and tries to deduce how they're all connected. Michael McLafferty plays George, a wheelchair-bound man who proves to be a tough survivor while David Higlen plays Rick, who is quick to withdraw from the group as his sanity is pushed to the brink.

As the group members begin to remember their pasts, suspicions and rivalries emerge that threaten their chances of survival. It's not long before some members go to extreme lengths, leading to shocking outcomes that will leave viewers on edge.

Breathing Room, directed by John Suits and Gabriel Cowan, is a tense and claustrophobic movie. The movie creates a unique world within the room, which is characterized by the stark contrast of the sterile environment and the savage brutality of the traps. The set, a single, sealed room with limited light, creates an environment of hopelessness and despair.

The film's direction is impressive, with Suits and Cowan successfully maintaining the tension throughout the movie. While a minimalist script and subdued characters created a stark contrast to some of the more frenetic action scenes, Breathing Room carried its weight thanks to being very well edited and having a steady build-up of vision.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable factors in the film is its ensemble cast. All of the actors bring their unique qualities to their roles, helping viewers to get a sense of their characters and create a connection with them. The standout performance, though, is Ailsa Marshall's as Tonya, who leads the group with a mix of grit and heart, especially in the face of unexpected tragedies.

Breathing Room won't be for everyone, though. It's extremely gory, so those with a weak stomach should probably steer clear. Moreover, some of the tense moments can become repetitive and tedious after a while. But, the movie has a very clear vision for what it wants to be, never trying to overcomplicate matters or betray the audience with a corny twist.

Overall, Breathing Room is an intense and suspenseful piece of work. The minimalism delivered in both the story and the presentation is effective enough to make it worthwhile to watch – in fact, it's highly recommended for horror fans.

Breathing Room
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