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  • 2011
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Brother's Justice is a comedy film from 2010 that follows the story of Dax Shepard, who is trying to transition from being a comedic actor to a martial arts action star. He ropes in his friends Nate Tuck and Greg Siegel to help him make a documentary about his journey. The film is directed and co-written by Shepard himself. Shepard, who plays a fictionalized version of himself in the film, is dissatisfied with the direction his career has taken. He feels that he is not taken seriously as an actor and wants to prove his worth by becoming an action star. In an attempt to achieve his goal, he embarks on a journey to make a martial arts action film that he believes will be his ticket to fame and recognition.

He convinces his two friends, Tuck and Siegel, to join him on this journey, and together they set out to create a documentary about Shepard's transformation from a comedian to an action hero. They start by brainstorming ideas for the film and approach some of their contacts in the industry for help.

However, they soon discover that their task is not easy, and making a film requires a lot of effort, money, and expertise. As they encounter various obstacles along the way, they begin to question whether they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Despite the hurdles they face, Shepard and his team remain committed to making their dream a reality. They enlist the help of various industry professionals, including a martial arts instructor, a casting agent, and a special effects artist. With their help, they begin to create a script, choreograph fight scenes, and scout for locations.

Along the way, Shepard and his team discover a lot about the movie-making process and the challenges that come with pursuing one's dreams. They encounter interesting characters and hilarious situations that keep the film lighthearted and entertaining. The film has some notable cameo appearances, including Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, and Jon Favreau.

Brother's Justice is an honest and amusing take on the film industry and the challenges that actors and filmmakers face when trying to make a name for themselves. Shepard's self-deprecating humor and quirky personality make him a likable and relatable protagonist.

The film is shot in a documentary style, which adds to the film's authenticity and humor. The camera work and music are well-done, and the fight scenes are impressive, considering Shepard had little martial arts training before filming.

Overall, Brother's Justice is an enjoyable comedy that showcases Shepard's creativity and humor. It has plenty of laughs and captures the struggles and triumphs of pursuing one's dreams.

Brother's Justice
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