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"Santa Caron Prison is where living nightmares begin!"
  • R
  • 1996
  • 94 hr
  • 4.1  (168)

Caged Hearts is a drama film from 1995 starring Carrie Genzel, Tane McClure, and Nick Wilder. The story is set in a women's prison, where the main characters find themselves imprisoned for various crimes. The film begins with the arrival of the new inmate Belle (Carrie Genzel) who has been sent to the prison for stealing a car. She quickly becomes friends with the tough and confident Ophelia (Tane McClure), who has been in the prison for a while after being convicted of drug trafficking. Ophelia takes Belle under her wing and teaches her the ropes of prison life.

The two women face a host of challenges, including dealing with the other inmates, particularly the cruel and manipulative Warden Helga (Lunden De'Leon). Helga has a personal vendetta against Ophelia and is determined to break her spirit any way she can.

As Belle and Ophelia's friendship grows, they begin to develop feelings for each other. This creates tension between Belle and her prison boyfriend, Ed (Nick Wilder), who is serving time for armed robbery. Belle must decide whether to follow her heart, risking the wrath of the prison authorities or stick to her old life with Ed.

The film also delves into the stories of other inmates, including a pregnant woman who is desperate to have her baby outside of prison, a drug addict who wants to get clean, and a transgender woman who is struggling to gain acceptance from the other inmates.

Throughout the film, the viewer is given a glimpse into the harsh realities of life inside a women's prison. The characters are often subjected to abuse, violence, and sexual harassment from both the prison staff and other inmates. The film does not shy away from the more graphic aspects of prison life, but instead portrays them in a realistic and sympathetic manner.

Ultimately, Caged Hearts is a moving story of friendship, love, and survival in a brutal and unforgiving environment. The performances by the cast, particularly Genzel and McClure, are compelling, and the film's themes of redemption and hope are universal and relatable.

Caged Hearts
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    94 hr
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    4.1  (168)