Callaway Went Thataway

"M-G-M's new comedy hit!"

When marketing professionals Mike Frye (Fred MacMurray) and Deborah Patterson (Dorothy McGuire) put several Western films starring Smoky Callaway back on TV, audiences can't get enough of the classic actor. But when the studio demands new Smoky Callaway films, the advertising duo have a problem: Smoky has been missing for 10 years. In an attempt to cover up their mistakes, Mike and Deborah hire a look-alike to impersonate Smoky, and the act goes well -- until the real Smoky returns.

| 1951 | 1 hr 21 min | 6.7/10 | 0/100
Fred MacMurray, Dorothy McGuire, Howard Keel, Jesse White
Melvin Frank, Norman Panama
Callaway Went Thataway
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