The Miracle of the Bells

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This great movie from 1948 has inspired many favorable reviews. It presents an uplifting, kind story based loosely upon the life of actress Olga Treskovna from Northeastern Pennsylvania. The story begins when a very disillusioned Hollywood publicist, played by the talented Fred MacMurray, seeks to assist the aspiring actress (depicted by Alida Valli) in launching her film career. Singer Frank Sinatra appears in the role of Father Paul, a Catholic Priest. The late Lee J. Cobb plays a determined, business like film industry executive. The movie, a long time Christmas season favorite, deals with themes of faith, spirituality and prayer.

| 1948 | 2 hr | 6.6/10
Fred MacMurray, Alida Valli, Frank Sinatra, Lee J. Cobb
Irving Pichel
The Miracle of the Bells
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Also starring Alida Valli