Chand Ke Paar Chalo

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  • 2006
  • 2 hr 40 min
  • 8.2  (57)

Chand Ke Paar Chalo is a romantic drama film from 2006 that follows the story of two lovers, Preeti and Madhav, who come from very different backgrounds. Madhav is a simple village boy, while Preeti is a sophisticated city girl. Despite their differences, they are deeply in love and dream of a life together. The movie begins with Madhav, who lives with his mother in a small village, meeting Preeti when she visits the village with her family for a vacation. Madhav is immediately drawn to Preeti, and they begin a friendship that quickly turns into love. However, Preeti's family is against their relationship and tries to separate them by sending her back to the city.

Madhav is heartbroken and decides to follow Preeti to the city to be with her. However, life in the city is not easy for Madhav, who struggles to find a job and make a living. On the other hand, Preeti's family is determined to keep them apart and arrange for her to marry someone else. Despite the challenges, Madhav and Preeti continue to fight for their love and refuse to give up on each other.

As their love story unfolds, the movie explores themes of family, class, and social norms. It highlights the struggles of two people who come from different worlds and are forced to confront the realities of their differences. The movie also showcases the power of love and the lengths that people are willing to go to for the ones they love.

The performances in the movie are strong, with Somesh Agarwal delivering a convincing performance as Madhav, the devoted lover. Shahib Chopra is also impressive as Preeti, the conflicted city girl torn between her family's expectations and her love for Madhav. Kannu Gill also shines in his role as Preeti's disapproving father.

The music in the movie is another standout feature, with a mix of romantic and emotional songs that perfectly capture the mood of the different scenes. The cinematography is also visually stunning, with scenic shots of the countryside and cityscapes that add to the movie's overall appeal.

Overall, Chand Ke Paar Chalo is a touching and heartwarming movie that explores the power of love and the challenges that come with it. The story is well-written, and the performances, music, and cinematography all come together to create a movie that is both entertaining and emotionally engaging.

Chand Ke Paar Chalo
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 40 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (57)