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Chaand Ke Paar Chalo, which means go to the other side of the moon in Hindi, is a Bollywood film that was directed by Mustafa Engineer. The film was released in 2006. Chander, the main protagonist in this film, is played by Sahib Chopra. Chander is a photographer based in the rural Indian town of Nanital. He lives with his parents and his best friend Johny. One day, on his way to work, Chander runs into a stage performer named Nirmala. He is immediately seduced by Nirmala's beauty. He taps into his skills as a photographer to capture images of her and later becomes endeared to her by singing to her about his intent to take her across the moon and the stars. In his songs, he also vows to take her to Mumbai, the city of dreams. In spite of strong objections from her and aunt and uncle, who are responsible for her care, Nirmala submits to Chander's advances. Upon their union, Nirmala begins a successful career under the name, Garima. Chander goes to great lengths to finance their dreams. Not only does he sell his camera to his friend Johny but he also proceeds to sell his studio as well. Garima's talents are recognized by a film director and she earns the lead role in his film. Upon attaining wealth and success, Garima is not as eager to return the kindness shown to her by Chander. The resulting hostilities between Chander and Garima are fueled by Garima's assistant. While Chander is helping Garima pursue her dream, tragedy occurs back in his hometown. As the movie progresses, Chander is reunited with his camera and, later on in the film, he encounters Garima once again. Nirmala is played by Preeti Jhangiani and Johny is played by Sanjay Narvekar. Nirmala's caretakers are played by Himani Shivpuri, who plays her aunt, and Tej Sapru, who plays the role of her uncle. Both the music in the film as well as Garima's performance received good reviews.

2006 | 2 hr 40 min | 8.3/10
Chand Ke Paar Chalo