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"It's Life's Illusions I Recall... I Really Don't Know Life At All."
  • M
  • 1969
  • 6.4  (111)

Changes is a 1969 film that explores the 1960s counterculture and generational clashes in suburbia. The movie showcases the struggles of a young couple against their repressive surroundings and societal expectations. The film introduces us to the main protagonist, Johnny (Kent Lane), a long-haired musician who bucks against his conservative father's wishes of him getting a job and settling down with his girlfriend, Pam (Michele Carey). Johnny dreams of making a living out of his music and sticking it to the man.

However, Pam is growing weary of their dead-end relationship, as she feels that Johnny isn't taking responsibility for his actions, much less their future together. She also grapples with her identity as a woman in a society that expects her to conform to specific gender roles.

As the couple navigates through their differences and tries to figure out their next steps in life, they find themselves in hot water when they are caught with marijuana. With Johnny facing jail time and their lives spinning out of control, the couple has to reevaluate their priorities and how their choices affect each other.

The movie thrives on its depiction of the late 1960s culture clash. Republicans, law enforcement, and uptight neighbors clash with the younger generation, hippies, and counterculture activists. The dialogue is stiff and cringe-inducing, but it accurately portrays how the contrasting ideals and values of the two eras. For instance, Johnny's father condemns his son's liberal beliefs and lifestyle, stating that he doesn't want a "long-haired hippie" as his son.

Although Changes delves into the politics and social issues of the era, it also manages to keep the focus on the characters and their evolution. The film takes a deeper look at the gender roles of the time, showing how women were expected to conform to strict societal expectations. Pam performs her gender roles by performing house chores, making coffee, and enduring Johnny's long absences without questioning his actions for the better half of the movie.

Overall, Changes is a captivating albeit predictable movie that captures the zeitgeist of a politically charged and socially turbulent era. The film benefits from great performances from the cast. Kent Lane who plays the rebellious anti-hero Johnny portrays the perfect archetypal 1960s hippie with his hair, guitar, and groovy talks. Actress Michele Carey, who plays Pam, adds depth to her character with her nuanced portrayal. Jack Albertson is also worth a mention as Johnny's overbearing father who represents the conservative side of the coin.

Changes is not a perfect movie, but it is an interesting piece of art that captures a unique moment in history. It portrays sweeping cultural changes, young people forging their identities, and the struggles of people caught in between two opposing forces.

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