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Chasing the Green is a drama film released in 2009 that tells the story of two childhood friends, Ross (Jeremy London) and Travis (Ryan Hurst), who embark on a journey to make it big in the world of high finance. Set in the late 1990s during the dot-com boom, the film portrays their efforts to establish a successful internet-based company that will help them lead a lavish lifestyle. Heather McComb plays the role of Ross's wife, who becomes an integral part of their venture.

The movie revolves around the challenges that Ross and Travis face as they try to secure funding for their startup, which they call They approach several investors and venture capitalists, but they are turned down repeatedly. Refusing to give up, they finally find a group of investors who agree to fund their venture on the condition that they achieve certain milestones within a few months. This puts immense pressure on Ross and Travis, who must work hard to meet their targets and secure the next round of funding.

As they work towards their goal, Ross and Travis are shown to have vastly different personalities. Ross is calm, rational, and cautious, while Travis is impulsive, daring, and adventurous. This creates tension between them, as their differing approaches often clash. However, they both share a deep friendship that helps them overcome their differences and work towards their common goal.

The film also explores the corrupt nature of the finance industry during this time. The investors who fund Ross and Travis's venture are shown to have dubious motives, and their decisions are driven by greed rather than a sincere interest in the success of the startup. The duo's quest for success is fraught with betrayal, deception, and backstabbing, as they navigate the complex and often murky world of venture capitalism.

Although the film is set during the dot-com bubble, it is not a typical tech-centered movie. Instead, it focuses on the human characters, their relationships, and their struggles to achieve their dreams. As such, it is a character-driven drama that highlights the importance of determination and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The acting performances in the movie are solid, with Jeremy London and Ryan Hurst delivering convincing performances as the two leads with contrasting personalities. Heather McComb's role as Ross's supportive wife is also noteworthy, as she provides a much-needed emotional anchor to the duo's high-paced life.

Chasing the Green is a well-crafted movie that manages to avoid the typical cliches of finance and tech-centered films. Instead, it presents a nuanced portrayal of the human characters and the complex industry they operate in. Though its pacing might be slow for some viewers, the film ultimately delivers a satisfying message about the importance of friendship, perseverance, and integrity.

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