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  • 1994
  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 6.8  (343)

CID Unnikrishnan BA BEd is a Malayalam comedy thriller film released in 1994. Directed by Rajasenan, the movie features a stellar cast, with actors like Jayaram, Maniyanpilla Raju, and Jagathy Sreekumar playing pivotal roles. The film presents an engaging mix of humor, suspense, and crime investigation set against the colorful backdrop of Kerala. Even though it may not be widely recognized internationally, the film has a definite charm that has appealed to the regional audience and lovers of Malayalam cinema.

The story revolves around Unnikrishnan, played by Jayaram, a young man with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. Unnikrishnan is an unusual protagonist; he is a graduate in both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (hence BA BEd in the title), a man of modest means but with an insatiable passion for detective work. He idolizes legendary fictional detectives and fancies himself as one, harboring dreams of solving big cases and becoming renowned as a fearless detective, specifically as a CID (Criminal Investigation Department) officer.

The movie kicks off by introducing the eccentric, yet endearing Unnikrishnan, who leads a relatively uneventful life in his small village. But this changes dramatically when the opportunity he has been waiting for finally knocks at his door. Unnikrishnan gets embroiled in what appears to be a complex crime. Using his self-taught detective skills, gleaned from mystery novels and crime fiction, he decides to dive headlong into the investigation, eager to prove his mettle.

As Unnikrishnan begins his quest to solve the case, he quickly discovers that the path of an amateur detective is fraught with humorous pitfalls and unexpected challenges. The film cleverly utilizes situational comedy and character-driven humor, striking a balance between the protagonist's overconfident nature and the reality of his inexperience.

Supporting Unnikrishnan is a cast of quirky characters, including Maniyanpilla Raju, who plays an important sidekick role complementing Jayaram's character with perfect comic timing. Jagathy Sreekumar, one of the most beloved comic actors in the Malayalam film industry, delivers a stellar performance, contributing to the laughter and adding further complications to Unnikrishnan's investigation.

The plot thickens with suspense elements traditionally seen in crime mysteries, including unexpected clues, red herrings, and a series of suspicious characters with potential motives. As Unnikrishnan delves deeper into the case with his unconventional investigative tactics, the audience is treated to a series of comedic escapades. There's palpable excitement and intrigue as Unnikrishnan employs various disguises and gets into all sorts of trouble, all the while remaining earnest in his desire to crack the case.

CID Unnikrishnan BA BEd particularly shines through its screenplay, which skillfully fuses elements of comedy, mystery, and drama. The dialogue in the movie is sharp and witty, often referencing and poking fun at common tropes found in detective genres. It is this self-awareness and light-hearted approach that endears Unnikrishnan's character to the viewers, as he blunders through his detective work with endearing optimism.

One of the most striking features of the film is its quintessential 90s charm, which is apparent in its music, fashion, and the simplicity of life in a small Kerala village. The music of the film underscores the comedic and suspenseful elements, moving in tune with Unnikrishnan's adventures. Through its soundtrack and visuals, CID Unnikrishnan BA BEd manages to capture the essence of the era, creating a nostalgic feel that resonates with those who remember that period fondly.

Technically, the film is well-produced for its time, making use of the available technology to craft a movie that holds up in terms of storytelling and pacing. The direction by Rajasenan is competent, allowing the narrative to flow smoothly while showcasing beautiful landscapes and the culturally rich setting of Kerala. It's a film that not only intends to entertain but also to tap into the state's unique milieu and the vibrant life of its inhabitants.

In a nutshell, CID Unnikrishnan BA BEd is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that combines humor and mystery to tell a story about an overambitious yet likable protagonist in a world bigger than he has ever faced. For those unfamiliar with Malayalam cinema, this film could serve as a delightful introduction to the genre's comedic sensibilities and narrative styles. It's a fondly remembered production that has managed to maintain a place in the hearts of Malayalam movie audiences, typifying the charming comedies of its time.

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    2 hr 30 min
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    6.8  (343)