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  • 2014
  • 152 hr
  • 3.0  (122)

Ulsaha Committee is a 2014 Malayalam film directed by Akku Akbar and produced by VK Sreeraman. The movie features Jayaram, Baburaj, Kalabhavan Shajohn, and Shebin Benson in main roles. The film is a comedy-drama with a political backdrop that revolves around a group of individuals who form a committee to resolve the problems of their village.

The plot of the movie is set in a fictional village named "Ulsaha" in the state of Kerala, India. The village faces multiple issues ranging from lack of basic amenities to corruption in the local administration. The story starts with Jayaram's character, Geethanandan, a taxi driver, who is an influential figure in the village. He is well-connected to the local political leaders and enjoys a good reputation in the area. One day, he meets his childhood friend Kalabhavan Shajohn's character, Majeed, who is a social worker.

Majeed discusses the various issues faced by the village with Geethanandan and expresses his disappointment with the local administration's lack of action. Together, they decide to form a 'committee' with a group of like-minded individuals to take up the village's problems and resolve them. The committee is comprised of Geethanandan, Majeed, Shebin Benson's character, Benny, a young and enthusiastic college student, and Baburaj's character, John, a local politician.

The committee starts off with small victories, like fixing the street lights and tackling the local mafia. However, their real test comes when they try to solve the village's water crisis, where the local politicians take advantage of the situation. They realize that the water problem is much more complex than they had initially thought, and it demands them to work hard against the corrupt local administration.

Ulsaha Committee's main focus is on the committee's journey and their friendship, rather than a hero-villain narrative. The film portrays the struggles and frustrations of common people who are deprived of basic amenities and are corruptly treated by the government officials. The movie shows how common people can come together to solve their problems against the corrupt system. The film's climax is a well-executed sequence that involves a twist and ends with a positive message to the audience.

Jayaram delivers an excellent performance as Geethanandan, who is the driving force behind the committee. His experience and knowledge come handy in handling the different issues. Baburaj, in his role as John, brings out the shrewd and cunning nature of a politician while maintaining a humorous tone. Kalabhavan Shajohn's character, Majeed, enhances the emotional aspect of the story through his earnest and sincere acting. Shebin Benson's character, Benny, provides the much-needed energy and idealism to the group.

The movie's technical aspects are impressive, with the cinematography by Alagappan N and music by Bijibal being noteworthy. The film's background score adds significant value to the narrative and elevates the story's emotions. The script, written by Krishna Poojappura, is tight, with well-etched characters and a solid storyline.

In conclusion, Ulsaha Committee is an engaging and humorous portrayal of the common people's fight to resolve their problems. The movie offers a blend of comedy and drama, making it a perfect watch for audiences looking for a light-hearted yet meaningful film. The movie's success led to it being remade in Tamil as 'Enna Satham Indha Neram' and in Hindi as 'Jaane Kyun De Yaaron.'

Ulsaha Committee
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    3.0  (122)