Gauri: The Unborn

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  • 2007
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 3.8  (127)

Gauri: The Unborn is a 2007 Indian horror movie directed by Akku Akbar. The movie presents a story that revolves around the unexplained phenomenon of stillborn children. Gauri: The Unborn explores the theme of the discourse between science and superstition. The movie stars Mohan Azaad, Anupam Kher, and Atul Kulkarni in the lead roles.

The movie starts with a happy family, protagonists Ravi and Renuka, who are planning for their second baby. But fate has something else planned for them when Renuka is diagnosed with a rare medical condition that causes her baby to be stillborn. The devastated couple decides to try again and get pregnant after treatment. But their happiness is short-lived as they discover that the new child in Renuka's womb has something horribly wrong with it.

The story then takes a spooky turn as Ravi's mother asks him to visit an old and forgotten temple to pray for Gauri, the Goddess of children. Ravi's colleague convinces him to visit the temple, even though he's an atheist. When Ravi visits the temple, strange things start happening. He hears a wailing voice and a scream, but he's not able to find the source.

After his visit to the temple, he begins to see some unusual things such as a young girl, who seems to be following him everywhere. His friend and colleague at the newspaper office explain that the girl who's following him is the ghost of the unborn child, who is seeking revenge. However, Ravi refuses to believe in ghosts and the supernatural and puts it off as his imagination running wild.

However, things take an alarming turn when Ravi discovers that his wife's medical diagnosis is not entirely true. In reality, Renuka's stillborn child is still alive, and the hospital's doctors have sold the baby to a mysterious stranger. What follows is a desperate hunt to find their child and stop whatever evil forces have taken hold of their lives.

The movie features atmospheric cinematography, eerie sound effects, and spine-chilling background music, making the entire movie feel like a horror classic. What truly separates Gauri: The Unborn from other Bollywood horror movies is the storyline, which takes the audience on a journey through both the scientific and supernatural aspects of pregnancy.

Mohan Azaad gives an outstanding performance as Ravi, who struggles with disbelief and a troubled conscience. Anupam Kher shines as the trusted physician, who is suffering from his past mistakes. Atul Kulkarni delivers a fantastic performance as the mysterious stranger, who has become the antagonist of the story.

Overall, Gauri: The Unborn is a well-crafted, atmospheric horror movie that deserves more recognition. It is a distinct departure from the typical Bollywood horror movie tropes and offers an excellent blend of a well-crafted storyline, excellent performances, and jump scares. The movie is sure to keep viewers engaged and entertained throughout.

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  • Release Date
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    1 hr 38 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    3.8  (127)