"Party Hard!"

The film entitled Circuit is about the life and challenges of John. The film starts when a guy known as John wakes up in a rest room. As he looks at himself in the mirror, he flashes back to his life some years back. He recalls when he had just relocated to Los Angeles. He moved hoping to have a better life. However when he gets there he realizes the situation is different from what he expects. He goes to live with his cousin known as Tad who is a film producer. At the time, Tad is living with his ex boyfriend Gill and also his new boyfriend known as Julian. One day Gill asks John to accompany him to a party. While at the party, he meets Hector. The two become friends and hector introduces John to his activities which involve organizing circuit parties and dealings with drugs. Bobby is a guy who also works closely with Tad. He is a very good dancer who performs at circuit parties. Tad records some of Bobby’s performances without his knowledge. Bobby is HIV positive though he shows no symptoms. Another performer at the club is Nina. She later becomes John’s friend. Tad shows the recordings of Bobby to Gino with the hope that Gino will finance and promote Bobby’s talents. Gino is a very influential business man. With his wife’s support he runs a good number of circuit parties. Gino gives Tad some money to carry out his project. John continues learning about the circuit business from Hector. He also starts taking drugs at his disposal. Gill asks Tad and Julian to leave his house. Tad goes and asks Gino for help but Gino refuses. Gino later hires John as a security man during his circuit parties. While working there, John gets involved in so many activities. He also becomes gay and starts dating Gill. At the end, Tad releases his film.

| 2001 | 2 hr | 5.4/10
Dirk Shafer

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