Clive Barker's Dread

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  • R
  • 2009
  • 1 hr 48 min
  • 5.6  (12,827)

Clive Barker's Dread, released in 2009, is a psychological horror-thriller film directed by Anthony DiBlasi. The movie is based on one of Clive Barker's short stories and follows two graduate students, Stephen and Quaid, as they conduct a study on the nature of fear. The experiment involves interviewing subjects and asking them about their deepest fears. The two smart and driven students aim to uncover the secrets of the human psyche and to find out what makes people tick.

Stephen is played by Jackson Rathbone, who starred in Twilight as Jasper Hale. He is a cerebral and ambitious student, driven by a desire to uncover the truth about human nature. He is leading the study, and his main focus is to understand what motivates people's fears. Quaid, played by Shaun Evans, assists him with his work, but the two differ in their approach. While Stephen has a detached, analytical approach to his work, Quaid is more immersed in the subject matter, seemingly experiencing his own fears and emotions.

The two students select three candidates for their study: Abby, Cheryl, and Craig. Abby, played by Hanne Steen, is a quiet and introverted woman who seems haunted by her past. As Stephen and Quaid interview Abby, it becomes clear that she's experienced trauma that has left her fearful and isolated. Cheryl, played by Laura Donnelly, is the complete opposite, a gregarious former actress who seems to have everything going for her. But as she reveals her greatest fears, it becomes clear that she is living a life haunted by her past demons. Finally, Craig, played by Jonathan Readwin, is a stereotypical 'jock' who seems to have no fears at all. But as he tells his story, it becomes apparent that there is more to Craig than meets the eye.

As the experiment progresses, Stephen and Quaid become increasingly obsessed with their work. They start to push their subjects to confront their fears, going beyond what they initially signed up for. The students become increasingly bold, almost cruel in their attempts to extract the truth from their subjects. As the subjects begin to unravel, it seems as though there is something deeply sinister at work in the experiment. Fear becomes a contagious and deadly force, threatening to engulf everybody involved in the study.

As the study progresses, the film gradually builds up its atmosphere of horror. The cinematography, music, and sound effects all create a sense of unease that continually mounts throughout the film. The horror is not graphic, and there is little violence in the movie, but the tense and atmospheric nature of the film will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, Clive Barker's Dread is an excellent psychological horror movie that will have you questioning the nature of fear itself. It's a slow burner that gradually builds up tension over the course of the film. The acting is strong, particularly Rathbone and Donnelly, who deliver standout performances. As with most psychological horror movies, the period of your life you watch this film will also greatly influence its impact on you. Therefore, I recommend this movie to fans of cerebral horror movies who enjoy something that is both chilling and thought-provoking.

Clive Barker's Dread
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    1 hr 48 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (12,827)